The Sims 4 Bug Turns Infants Into Long-Legged Monsters

The Sims 4 Bug Turns Infants Into Long-Legged Monsters

Image: EA

Unless you consider watching people get up and go to work every morning to be a horrifying sight, you probably wouldn’t classify The Sims 4 as a horror game. However, its latest update brings infants to the game for the first time ever, and while they may look cute when you first load up your save file, players have discovered a glitch that turns them into long-legged monsters.

The bug has been reported to EA’s support site (thanks Eurogamer) where players say they’ve been able to replicate the problem by having infants interact with objects around the house, such as a toy or lamp. So while developer Maxis is most likely aware of the issue, several players have shared examples of it in their Sims 4 games to places like Reddit. If I had to see these infants walking around on fully-grown adult legs, so do you.

A Sims 4 infant is seen with abnormally long legs and floating in the middle of a room as if it were possessed by a demon but smiling menacingly.

A Sims 4 Infant is seen with long legs and arms that make it as tall as the adult-sized unicorn plush it's standing next to.

Another long-legged infant is shown with a small cat standing next to it basking in horror.

These shapeshifting monstrosities came as part of a larger update earlier this week alongside the Growing Together expansion pack. Beyond the whole nightmare fuel glitch, the update is actually a pretty substantial step forward for babies in The Sims, as they have more customization options and ways of interacting with other characters than ever before.

Before this update, infants were treated similarly to objects adult characters could interact with rather than as a person with their own wants and needs. It’s just a shame they also seem to be going through sporadic growth spurts when interacting with certain objects. Here’s hoping Maxis addresses it sooner rather than later for those who weren’t expecting any body horror between the woohooing and removing ladders from the pool. Babyface Toy Story lookin’ ass.

The Sims 4 went free-to-play back in September, eight years after its 2014 launch. While the team is still supporting the game as we near its ninth anniversary, Maxis teased the next entry in the series shortly after The Sims 4 made the free-to-play shift.

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