These 10 Great Video Game Intros Will Start Your New Year Right

These 10 Great Video Game Intros Will Start Your New Year Right

Final Fantasy X-2 characters pose with weapons.

Image: Square Enix

We are in the moments of 2023 before the title card, when things are still preparing to be defined. I love it—from here, the next few months look magical, like there’s infinite time to do anything, or for anything to happen. This is when we make resolutions, brainstorm logistics for the trips we’ve always wanted to take, pick up skills, or finally decide to watch all six seasons of Jersey Shore. While Apple Watches and sticky notes might help keep those specific goals in check, I recommend relaxing, too, and daydreaming about endless possibilities. Try shaping the start of your year with softer clay, like these 10 great video game intros.

These video game intros—which I’m defining as the first few minutes of a game directly before or after its title blinks on screen—might not be the greatest, ever, in history (there are so many greats!), but they are some of Kotaku’s favorites. Crammed with smoldering explosives, dripping with blood, or rinsed with nostalgia and humor, these 10 memorable intros should get you pumped up about your potential and about beginnings. Sink your teeth in and relish this new one. See where you’ll go when you’re being open.

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