These Couture Runway Looks Are Straight Out Of Elden Ring

These Couture Runway Looks Are Straight Out Of Elden Ring

Image: Schiaparelli / FromSoftware / Kotaku

Even if you can’t level up in Schiaparelli’s vision of hell, it seems like you can at least get half-body replacement surgery, and that feels like an important improvement to our existing face-lift and lip filler technology. I’ll take a little win.

Versions of Schiaparelli’s hammered brass head appear both on prisoners in Elden Ring and on sorceresses like Sellen, who opts for a stone woman’s face over her own.

“I want glintstone sorceries that open our minds, unbound by terrestrial taboos,” Sellen says about herself if you ask. “No matter what we give in return.” Stone is kind of inherently terrestrial in nature, but I’ll engage in a metaphor for you, Sellen. And, like her sartorial decisions, her ethos mirrors Roseberry’s embrace of the unknown.

“Fear means you’re pushing yourself to make something shocking, something new,” he writes on the Schiaparelli website. “This collection is my homage to doubt. The doubt of creation, and the doubt of intent. The twinned, sometimes contradictory impulses to please one’s audience and to impress oneself.”

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