This Expensive Last Of Us Part II Statue Set Looks Incredible

This Expensive Last Of Us Part II Statue Set Looks Incredible

Image: Prime 1 Studio / Naughty Dog

Whether you love it or hate it, the end of Abby’s third day in The Last of Us Part II is one of the sequel’s most memorable moments. While playing as Abby, the secret second main character of the game, the player is forced into a brutal fight with long-time protagonist Ellie in a Seattle theater. If you would like to relive this intense moment every time you look at your shelf, an incredibly expensive statue set is on its way that recreates the scene. If you’re willing to shell out a couple grand, that is.

Collectible company Prime 1 Studio is releasing two statues that are sold seperately of both characters. One features Abby with swappable arm pieces holding either a handgun, hammer, or molotov cocktail (which she notably can’t use in The Last of Us Part II). The third of which you can only get if you buy the Bonus Version of the statue from the company’s website. The other statue features Ellie and has her sneaking around an archway with a shotgun on hand, but it isn’t available for pre-order at the time of this writing. Once both statues are placed next to each other, it recreates the scene of the two protagonists’ confrontation. There’s less forcing the player to choke Ellie out here, at least. The Abby half measures at about 22 inches in height, so the statues are both pretty big. Make sure you’ve got the shelf space for it before you get your hopes up.

Prime 1 Studios

It does look incredible, but I’m a Last of Us superfan, and I can’t even justify spending the money it would take to get the complete set. The Abby statue runs $1099 on its own, which means the Ellie one, whenever Prime 1 Studio puts it up for pre-order, will likely cost about as much. I already paid $2000 for the replica of Ellie’s guitar because a pandemic was happening and I was stuck in my house with more money than I should’ve been trusted with, and that was before I moved to one of the most expensive cities in the world. But if you’d like to buy the Abby statue alone or as prep for putting it and the Ellie statue on display alongside each other, start counting your pennies and head on over to Prime 1 Studio’s site.

While Abby is well-known for game fans, the character has yet to debut in HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us which aired earlier this year. However, it does look like the character will debut right on schedule during season 2. We don’t know who will play her, but the actor better be buff.

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