This Resident Evil 4 Remake Boss Can Be Killed With Just Eggs

This Resident Evil 4 Remake Boss Can Be Killed With Just Eggs

Screenshot: Capcom

You can quite literally egg one of the Resident Evil 4 bosses to death. Near the end of the castle chapter, players must fight an evil nobleman who fused himself with a parasite queen. You can easily kill him in two hits, as long as you come armed with golden eggs.

Eggs are normally used in RE4 as a means of restoring the player’s health. Though they can also be used to temporarily stun certain parasite enemies, they were not intended to be weapons of mass destruction. Unless your name is Ramón Salazar, that is. Salazar is a cultist who played a core part in kidnapping the U.S. president’s daughter Ashley Graham, and you fight him at the end of the castle chapter. Or rather, you fight a chimera made up of the parasite queen, one of his monstrous bodyguards, and Salazar himself.

The RE Wikia recommends exposing his weak spot with a submachine gun, and then whamming him with a rocket launcher. But there’s an easier way to kill him. If you throw at least one golden egg at him, it takes out most of his health. This weakness isn’t even a bug; exploiting it will cause Salazar to fall backwards and call the protagonist Leon Kennedy a “worm.”

Here’s the funniest part: There isn’t a biological reason for the parasite queen to react this way to a chicken egg. The egg debuff comes from Salazar himself. This is hinted at if you undertake the merchant quest “The Disgrace of the Salazar Family,” which asks you to deface a portrait of Salazar. The painting is completely impervious to conventional weapons such as knives and guns. The only way to complete this quest is to wait for one of the nearby chickens to lay an egg, and then throw the item at the portrait. So if you completed this side quest, it’s a fun hint for finding the easiest method of defeating the final boss. Merchant quests are a new feature to the RE4 remake, so it’s likely that this trick wasn’t available in the original game.

I find it creatively inspired that Salazar was such a loser, he managed to debuff his own chimera. Keep an eye out for those golden eggs if you want to play a nasty prank on him.

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