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By Shout Omaha Staff
At 5107 Leavenworth Street in Omaha, behind a neon sign that is usually only partially illuminated, you will find Three Happiness Express, a Chinese restaurant that has recently become more known as a local favorite. Any major city in the U.S. has its token hot spot eateries that all the locals know about, and in Omaha, Three Happiness is that spot the locals visit when feeling cravings for quality Chinese cuisine.
Despite the strip mall location and unremarkable décor, the people at Three Happiness are good at making an impression on any patron, by way of your taste buds. It’s a smaller restaurant with carpet on the floor that looks like it’s been around since the Clinton era. You will find yourself sitting on heavy metal chairs with red vinyl cushions that match the red and white aesthetic of the rest of the restaurant. The energetic staff buzzed around in red T-shirts tending to our needs, as well as the rest of the customer’s requests. Wait, red vinyl seats and wait staff in T-shirts? Let’s not be confused. This isn’t a fine dining establishment, but who wants to drop that kind of money on a meal during this economic climate anyway? Not me, that’s for sure. I prefer to get the most bang for my buck, which I did at Three Happiness. Most entrees there are served with soup, an egg roll and rice. Not to mention, you probably won’t finish your entrée and will have enough left over to take to work the next day. The hot and sour soup is incredible and I couldn’t get enough of it. I followed it up with Mongolian Beef along with a few veggie spring rolls on the side. My guest ate a vegetarian tofu dish, which comes either steamed or fried. Both of us enjoyed our meals thoroughly and continue to return to Three Happiness habitually, whenever the craving arrives.
So next time your taste buds are yearning for some water chestnuts, baby corn or sweet and sour sauce, try Three Happiness Express.

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