Top 14 Most Toxic Couples In Anime

Top 14 Most Toxic Couples In Anime

If you’ve watched Nana, you may be entitled to emotional compensation.
Screenshot: Madhouse / Hidive / Kotaku

Trigger warning: sexual assault

Pound for pound, the absolute worst couple in all of anime goes to Nana’s Hachiko Komatsu and Takumi. While other terrible couplings rank high for how their shows’ more supernatural story elements heighten their rampant abuse and mistreatment, Hachiko and Takumi’s relationship is the textbook definition of toxic anime couples for how their bad romance reflects emotional and physical abuse in the real world.

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For context, Takumi is a bassist in a band (red flag) and Hachiko is quick to fall in love with any man who gives her the time of day. Things get complicated between the two when Hachiko catches feelings for her friend Nobu and Hachiko gets pregnant. Hachiko inevitably decides to be with Takumi because of the likelihood that he’s her child’s father but the decision irreparably damages her relationship with Nobu and her roommate, Nana Osaki. Takumi routinely verbally abuses Hachiko, forces himself upon her, and controls every aspect of her social life under the guise of keeping their relationship a secret from fans. To make matters worse, the dude still cheats on her after their child’s birth and the father of their second child is still very much up in the air.

Should Nana mangaka Ai Yazawa decide to end the series’ long hiatus, I pray she gives the girls from apartment 707 the happy ending they deserve.

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