Twitch Star Kai Cenat Pulls Thousands Of Fans Into NYC

Twitch Star Kai Cenat Pulls Thousands Of Fans Into NYC

Twitch star Kai Cenat, who recently became the most subscribed creator on the streaming platform, asked his fans and followers to show up for a real-life giveaway in New York City. And they did, with reportedly 2,000 people arriving, leading to chaos and arrests.

On August 4, Cenat held a giveaway event in Union Square in New York City. Before the event, the popular streamer promised that he would be handing out $100 gift cards, PCs, and PS5 consoles. In a short stream from Cenat before going out into the massive crowd the Twitch streamer can be seen pointing out the huge amount of people gathered and commenting that the NYPD was out in full force, claiming that tear gas had already been used on some. Before going out, Cenat asked his fans to be “safe.”

“It’s a lot of y’all out there right now,” said Cenat on stream. “Everybody whos out there make sure y’all safe.”

Once he left his bus with his entourage and bodyguards, he was immediately swarmed by fans. His security team surrounded him and helped him press through.


CBS reports an estimated 2,000 people showed up. They also report some have been arrested after a few people began destroying barricades. At one point a CBS helicopter recorded someone using a fire extinguisher on a crowd of people. No injuries have been reported yet.

Cenat is a popular content creator who started out with a YouTube channel in 2012 before transitioning to Twitch in 2021. Primarily known for comedic videos, pranks, and his wild personality, he became a star on Twitch while playing games like GTA and NBA. The streamer also spends a lot of time in the “Just Chatting” section of Twitch, reacting to content  and hanging out with rappers like Ice Spice. The streamer recently broke a historic milestone, reaching over 300k active subscribers on Twitch, beating out other big names like Ludwig and Ninja. 

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