UAW strike expands with 7,000 additional workers – The Omaha News
Omaha News

UAW strike expands with 7,000 additional workers – The Omaha News

By: Andrew Kusleika

OMAHA, Neb. – The United Auto Workers have added 7,000 union members to their strike in an effort to put more pressure on Ford, General Motors, and Stellaris. The strike started in mid-September, and the talks between the two parties have not progressed. This is the second time that the union has called for an expansion on the strike.  

As a result of this expansion, there are now over 25,000 workers taking part in the strike. This makes up for 17 percent of the 146,000 United Auto Workers. The strike began by targeting one plant per company, but now they have started to target parts-distribution centers owned by Ford and GM. 

A row of cars in a parking lot

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Used car dealerships like Quest Auto Sales are going to be greatly affected by the United Auto Workers strike. (Photo/Andrew Kusleika)

“If this strike runs until the end of the month, it could result in a two percent increase in new vehicle prices across the board,” said the Vice President of Data and Analytics at J.D. Power, Tyson Jominy. More expensive new vehicles in the short term means more expensive used vehicles in the long term. 

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If the UAW strike continues for too long, economic ramifications could be severe according to professors of the College of Business Administration in Omaha, Nebraska. (Photo/Andrew Kusleika)

The strike could also have a broader effect on the economy as a whole if it continues until the end of the year. “If this persists, and other things persist in the economy, notably inflationary pressure from oil prices, then the economy could dip into a recession,” said UNO Professor of Economics Dr. Christopher Decker. “Nobody wins in a recession.” Decker also said that there is still some time for the two parties to reach an agreement before the economy takes a hit. 

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