Waypoint Staff Launch New Website And Podcast, Called Remap

Waypoint Staff Launch New Website And Podcast, Called Remap

Image: Remap

Back in April we brought you the very sad news that Waypoint, VICE’s video game website, was being shut down. Now, only a few weeks later, we get to bring you the excellent news that the site—and its podcast—will live on at a new home.

The site’s staff—which includes some former Kotaku staff—announced tonight that they’re launching Remap, which is going to be…basically the same thing as Waypoint, only not at VICE anymore, because VICE never knew how to manage them properly and is in huge financial trouble. Instead the crew now own their own work, which is definitely the future of serious and quality independent video game coverage and is something they can be immensely proud of.

While things are still in their formative stages they’ll be broadcasting on Twitch, have a Twitter account and most importantly a website, which has subscription tiers people can sign up to not only enjoy the team’s work (like the podcast Remap Radio), but more importantly support it.

Good luck Remap!

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