What To Expect From Valve (And Steam) In 2023

What To Expect From Valve (And Steam) In 2023

It’s true: Valve can make a video game. And when they do, the results are usually something special. Are we likely to see something new this year? When it comes to Valve, you’re always safer assuming the answer is no. But let’s review what the company has said publicly about its developer ambitions.

Speaking with Famitsu, “Valve crusader” Greg Coomer said, via translation, that the company has “a lot of games in development” and “will continue to release games.” He continued:

“Game development is very important to Valve. I don’t know the exact numbers, but the percentage of employees involved in game development is high. A lot of people are involved.”

Yes, that kinda sounds like your buddy’s band’s Facebook post that just says “big things coming!” But unlike your friend’s little music project (they haven’t even written a song yet, let’s be real), it is reasonable to suspect that Valve must have something, right? Virtual reality was a big inspiration for the company, one that at least has them talking about the H word. As Coomer told Famitsu, “Half-Life: Alyx was a really fun game to make […] it’s still fun to go back [to that world] and tell more stories” and the company reportedly desires to “continue exploring the Half-Life universe.” (See? You’re thinking about it again. C’mon. It’s time to move on.) Surely, I can hear you saying, this must mean something??

Valve did release Aperture Desk Job (which was little more than a tech demo for the Steam Deck) in 2022. And as folks are wont to do, it got datamined aaaaaand that of course lead to reckless speculation. Said datamine can be read here in a Google doc. (72 pages, huh? Challenge accepted.) In it are extremely thin details about four possible games. One is a Source 2 (Valve’s home engine) port of CSGO. Another seems to be connected to a canned entry in the Portal series. Another is called “Citadel” and seems to be an “RTS/FPS hybrid” with some team, class, and squad structure. And, finally, dare I even write this, another looks like a possible “follow-up to Half-Life: Alyx,” as described by journalist Tyler McKvicker. Read into such things at your own peril and likely disappointment.

So, yes, Valve definitely seems to be spending resources and energy on game development. And that’s about all anyone, but Valve, can say on the matter.

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