What Your Overwatch 2 Skin Says About You: A Brutal Callout

What Your Overwatch 2 Skin Says About You: A Brutal Callout

Image: Blizzard

When Overwatch 2 was announced as the not-so-sequel-sequel to the original 2016 first-person shooter, the first thing most players wondered was, “What about my skins?”

The hero shooter, which offered players loot boxes they could earn or pay for before (rather controversially) swapping over to a free-to-play battle pass model for the sequel, has a litany of skins for its extensive cast of characters that people have grown quite fond of over the years. Luckily, any skin you earned/bought in Overwatch 1 carried over to Overwatch 2, though you’d be hard-pressed to find many of the original ones in the in-game store today.

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Whether it’s a skin so rare that rumors consistently crop up about its return, a skin that shows off your Overwatch League allegiance, or just a downright gorgeous cosmetic, Overwatch skins are an integral part of the game. They say a lot about the players donning them: their skill level, their personal beliefs, maybe even their identities. They’ll tell you if someone is willing to shell out $20 for a very pretty skin (guilty), or if they’re determined to only earn their skins the old-fashioned way. A player struggling to play a high-skill DPS character while donning their default skin is clearly trying something new, while a Genji flipping and dashing around the map in a Pacific All-Stars skin is going to annihilate you.

So, what does your Overwatch 2 skin say about you?

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