Where The Heck Is Hetsu’s Location?

Where The Heck Is Hetsu’s Location?

The Korok seeds make a return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but after you’re gifted these golden turds collectibles after gently and humanely returning a Korok to their friend across a body of water or other obstacles, where do you take them? Hestu, the lovable, maraca-playing Korok is your go-to for trading in these “seeds” for increased inventory space. But where is he? Well, that’s a complicated question.

Where do you find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom?

Much like the other Koroks who gift you the seeds, Hestu can be found in different places across Hyrule. Just talking to others at Kotaku playing it, we’ve each seen the inventory expander in different places on the map. So all we can do is tell you the places we know he shows up, and you’ll have to check and see where he’s currently vibing on the map.

First Hestu Location

One place I’ve consistently found him is in Lookout Landing. Hestu will be hanging out in the southeast corner of the town square next to the General Store and Armor Shop. This was the first place I found him. and he was still there after I traded in some Korok seeds.

Second Hestu Location

Another one of Hestu’s hiding spots is northwest of Lookout Landing and near Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Follow the path on the map that leads from Lookout Landing to the Skyview Tower and you can find Hestu at the midpoint between the path, the Skyview Tower, and the lake south of the tower.

He seemed to head off after trading in a small number of Korok seeds, according to Kotaku staffers.

Final Hestu Location

While these two spots are pretty easy to get to, Hestu may also head to Korok Forest, and getting there can be a real pain. It requires you to get through the Lost Woods, which is a disorienting maze and requires you to fight through a pretty tough boss fight we won’t spoil for you. But it’s only natural that Hestu would want to head home during these trying times of Ganondorf laying waste to Hyrule.

How do I know where Hestu is staying?

While I’d love to tell you there was a hard system in place for why Hestu hangs out at certain locations over others, the truth is, there’s some inconsistency surrounding his behavior that makes him difficult to track down right now. Even here at Kotaku, each of us met Hestu and watched him do his little jig in different places. One of us saw him near the Skyview Tower, then he moved to Lookout Landing. Meanwhile, I have only seen him at Lookout Landing, so it doesn’t seem like you have to find him in one place for him to move to another. He will, however, only let you trade in so many Korok seeds before he moves on. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you if he’s done doing business in one place.

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What does Hestu do with Korok seeds?

Hestu increases your item capacity in exchange for Korok seeds. Each successive trade-in will cost an additional seed, so your first will only require one seed, but the second will require two, so on and so forth. You can choose to increase the capacity for your melee weapons, bows, and shields, and each of them has its own cost increase. So if you trade in up to three slot increases for your shields, you won’t have to pay for four slot increases on your bows. Because the cost stacks, you’ll have to find a lot of seeds to max out your item capacity for each category. So get to searching for and reuniting those Koroks. Don’t let Hestu down, and don’t skip through his little dance.

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