YouTuber Is Building All Of BotW in Minecraft

YouTuber Is Building All Of BotW in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that offers plenty of opportunity for creative output, one whose versatility appeals to players with all kinds of interests and ambitions. Some folks get high and try to make a perfect circle out of square blocks, while others create functioning phones and other impressive devices. Now, a new project may be one of the most impressive creative undertakings in the sandbox game to date: one YouTuber’s quest to build all of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Minecraft.

Last year, a Minecraft YouTuber named Grazzyy posted the first video in a series of uploads documenting his journey to recreate iconic landmarks from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Minecraft. In his first video, aptly titled “I’m Building ALL OF Breath of the Wild in Minecraft (#1),” Grazzyy laid the groundwork for his ambitious project by building the map of Hyrule he’ll be using as his foundation via Minecraft’s world painter.


“Over the many years that I’ve been playing Minecraft, I’ve almost exclusively played in survival mode, never really building much in creative [mode],” Grazzyy said at the start of his first BotW Minecraft video. “But, for quite a while now, I’ve been getting the itch to test my skills and do some sort of mega build in creative mode with tools like world edit. So why not build the entire Breath of the Wild map? You heard me right.”

As Grazzy notes in his first video, this isn’t the first time Breath of the Wild has been recreated in Minecraft. Two years ago, a YouTuber named Alask made BotW’s map in Minecraft. However, the key difference between Alask and Grazzyy’s Minecraft world build is that Grazzyy is building “everything” in BotW. The aforementioned “everything” includes landmarks like Hyrule Castle, the Divine Beasts, every incidental ruin littered about Hyrule, and the guardians patrolling them.

Kotaku reached out to Grazzyy for comment.

To date, Grazzyy has finished recreating places like (deep breath) the Temple of Time, the Shrine of Resurrection, the Bridge of Hylia, the Faron Region, Zora’s Domain, the Great Plateau, Kakariko, Hateno Village, Lake Floria, and Lurelin Village, to name just a few locations in BotW.

When can you play in Grazzyy’s BotW Minecraft world?

The comment sections for Grazzyy’s YouTube and TikTok videos documenting his process are filled with pleas for him to share his builds with the public. However, in Grazzyy’s first video, he admitted to being on the fence about making his BotW Minecraft world build downloadable for the rest of us who lack the time and ingenuity to make our own. However, should he decide to share with the rest of the class, Grazzyy said it will not be until his project is “fully complete.” Considering he started his ambitious undertaking a little over a year ago, it’s looking like folks won’t be frolicking in BotW Minecraft before Tears of the Kingdom releases on May 12.

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