YouTuber’s The Office Mass Effect Video Will Brighten Your Day

YouTuber’s The Office Mass Effect Video Will Brighten Your Day

Shake that lil GameStop booty, Michael Scott.
Gif: Bioware / NBC / eli_handle_b․wav / Kotaku

YouTube has graced us with a cavalcade of Mass Effect edits, from mans1ay3r’s iconic “we’ll bang okay” to this radical Mass Effect 2 Suicide Squad mashup trailer. Now there’s a new Mass Effect YouTube video that’s taken the fandom by storm, and at the helm of the Normandy is the most unlikely hero we never knew we needed, The Office’s Michael Scott.

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Yesterday, YouTuber eli_handle_b․wav uploaded a video simply titled “Michael Scott in Mass Effect.”As the name suggests, Michael Scott is placed into a plethora of memorable Mass Effect scenes as if he were meant to be there. Such scenes include Normandy’s destruction at the start of Mass Effect 2, a Citadel dance party, and a steamy bit of platonic arm touching with Miranda Lawson.

Since publishing his mash-up video, it’s amassed over 300,000 views on YouTube and has taken Twitter and Reddit by storm. You can check out why the bizarre creation has captivated folks so strongly below. Warning, it’s quite funny in case you aren’t into that sorta thing.

Bioware / NBC / eli_handle_b․wav

Arguably the most spectacular part about eli_handle_b.wav’s mash-up is how natural Michael Scott looks when placed next to Bioware’s character models. My favorite scene in the mashup hands down goes to the extra touch of camera work and model placement eli_handle_b.wav put into Michael Scott’s not-so-daring evacuation of the capsized Normandy. Having him shove Ashley Williams into a roaring fire before cutting to CCTV footage of Michael Scott running down a corridor by his lonesome was basically how I envisioned that scene going down if players made the wrong choice on Virmire.

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Outside of the Michael Scott in Mass Effect video, eli_handle_b.wav has been cooking up a bunch of equally brilliant video game mash-ups with popular movies and television shows. Chief among them being Leslie Nielsen in Detroit: Become Human, Tony Soprano in God of War, and Austin Powers in Mass Effect: Part 1 and Part 2. Here’s hoping eli_handle_b.wav graces us with another hilarious Mass Effect mash-up video that holds us over until Bioware gives us a crumb of news on the upcoming Mass Effect game.

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