10 Things to do in the Metro this weekend.
Picks of the Week

10 Things to do in the Metro this weekend.


  1. Junkstock- shop vintage finds and homemade crafts

315 S 192nd St. Omaha, NE

Oct 9th, 10th and 11th

$8/day Pass or $20/weekend

  1. Farmer’s Market- shop organically grown produce and other natural goods

Various Locations

Oct 10th

Free Admission


  1. Tom Rhoades- 21 & Up Comedian

Funny Bone, Omaha

Oct 9th, 10th and 11th

$18/tickets- Two Shows per day


  1. Apollon: Madhouse- Interactive Dinner and Art Experience

*18 & Older Only

Apollon Art Gallery

Fridays & Saturdays in October

$32/ Ticket- Includes Dinner

  1. Man of La Mancha- award winning Broadway play

Oct 9th, Oct 10th, Oct 11th



  1. 2nd Annual NE Insect Showcase- Macroinvertebrate photo presentation and lecture by keynote speaker, with music to follow

Midtown Art Supply

Oct 10th


  1. Eagle* Seagull Show- celebrating their 10 year album release

O’Leavers Bar

Oct 9th

$5/ Door

  1. Floppy Disco Show- dance party

Bodega’s Alley, Lincoln

Oct 9th


  1. William Fitzsimmons –acoustic show

Vega, Lincoln

Oct 10th

$15/Day of Show

  1. Taylor Swift

Century Link Center

Oct 9th and 10th

*Ticket prices may vary

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