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This is the second vape expo to be held in Omaha, but the first to be put on by event coordinator Nate Deck. Plumes smoke shop hosted a successful event with 1500 people in attendance. When he realized an expo wasn’t happening this year, he decided it was up to him to put one on.

Nate is a huge advocate for vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. He was smoking Black & Mild cigarillos for 5 years before he saw e-cigs start to hit the market. He bought a cheap one to start, and was able to instantly stop smoking cigarettes. He’s been vaping exclusively for 3 years now, gradually upgrading his kit as he got more serious about vaping. What initially started as a way to save money has turned into a passion and a hobby.

Nate began work with 402 Vape to put together this event. His past work with Defy Gravity’s vendors has helped to prepare him for this event. He’s spent a lot of time doing his research on expos, and looking for the perfect venue. He’s been incredibly impressed with the Ramada Inn’s accommodations, and has hopes for other expos of similar nature.

Deck has three goals for the expo:

  1. Promote an event to stop smoking
  2. Support the vaping community
  3. Support small business

There will be 23 Vendors at the expo, most of them from the Omaha, Lincoln and Council Bluffs area. However, there will be a handful of out of state brands there as well, representing their homemade juices and custom set ups. It’s important to Nate that local Midwest vape makers have the opportunity to connect with local businesses, instead of vape stores getting their supplies from China. The cost of a ticket is $7 day of, but the ticket also comes with a voucher for a free e juice from several of the sponsors.

There will be hourly giveaways featuring prizes from the different vendors. There will also be cloud and vape trick competitions. Most importantly to Nate however, is the Vape advocate that will be there, giving lectures on the importance of vaping. There has been a lot of backlash towards vaping, and people are wanting it banned from public places. Deck is worried if he doesn’t stand up for vaping, no one will before it’s banned.

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