African Fashion Week with Afromaha — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

African Fashion Week with Afromaha — Omaha Fashion Week

Meet the Headlining Designers who will be sending collections down the African Fashion Week Runway this Spring.

Aryéa Kolubah & Co is a contemporary women’s wear brand influenced by Africa. As a lover of art with a passion for fashion, Aryéa creates statement pieces for the fearless and confident woman, showcasing collections on multiple international platforms such as Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and more! Thrilled to have Aryéa at African Fashion Week Omaha.

Mtaani Home and Garden, is a brand with an Afrocentric flair that has the exclusive garments and home décor you want! Creating rich harmony with one’s personal style and using ethical and sustainable practices, we are excited to welcome back Mtaani, and see SolarPunk, their tech and futuristic inspired collection, at African Fashion Week Omaha!

Afielda’s designs have grown to be synonymous with edgy, timeless, and classy. Past collections have graced Midwestern runways and charitable events. Creating for influencers, brides, and others, every Afielda garment is made to impress and be a conversation starter. Welcome back Afielda!

ISLA O is an independent house of bold fashion for women. A sophisticated, ageless brand that inspires exuberant femininity, and brings out strength and confidence in the women who wear their designs. Welcome ISLA O to African Fashion Week Omaha!

Makhree Fashion is the brainchild of Makay Weliyo. Having started out young and mostly self-taught, Makay creates pieces that suit many of her client’s modest lifestyle, including brides and children, and casual wear. She’s versatile, and her Limitless collection will feature pieces with unique forms that bring out the “flavor”! Welcome back to African Fashion Week Omaha!

We cannot wait to see what these designers show on the runway!

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