Bar Rescue — Back to the Bar in Omaha
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Bar Rescue — Back to the Bar in Omaha

Because they just can’t seem to stay away for too long…Jon Taffer’s crew once again traveled to the Omaha-area to document whatever became of some of the most “notorious” bars ever on that fantastic(end sarcasm) show.

“Why did you ask me to pull your finger? “

Now, I’m not here to pimp Bar Rescue anymore than I have to. So if you want to learn more about the episode that debuts tomorrow and includes the OFace Bar and Sorties Tavern…by all mean click right here…

But, since I know that a lot of you are fans of the show (or just watch for the joke of it all) I asked the three owners of Sorties Tavern to come into the 1290 KOIL studios yesterday as I co-host the Bob Bruce Radio Experience.

Live in-studio at 1290 KOIL

If you didn’t get a chance to listen live yesterday, here are links to the three segments where the guys opened up a bit about it was really like to deal with Jon Taffer…and if they would have gone on the the show in the first place if they knew what all would happen during the tapings. Good stuff!

Sorties Tavern on 1290 KOIL (Part one)

Sorties Tavern on 1290 KOIL (Part two)

Sorties Tavern on 1290 KOIL (Part three)

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