Dive Bar Jukebox Etiquette
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Dive Bar Jukebox Etiquette

Question: Is it EVER okay for a bartender to NOT like a song and simply press “Skip” to go to the next song?

Over the weekend, one of the good folks at Billy Froggs in the Old Market skipped over a song because “He didn’t want to hear two Mexican songs in a row.” YIKES!

Now, keep in mind that the people playing the songs are Hispanic, and, had all gathered in town for the birthday of a family member.

After skipping the song, the family asked for their money back and were told no, “I do this at least 30 times a day.”

So, I ask you, Omaha’s dive bar going pubic…did the bartender at Billy Froggs have a right to skip a song he didn’t like and refuse to give the money back. OR…was he just being a jerk to people who were in HIS bar paying money to have a good time.

(PS…this just in bar owners…you don’t have a business if people don’t want to come into your bar to eat and drink.) DUH!

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