Light House Bar & Grill Opening Second Omaha Location this Summer
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Light House Bar & Grill Opening Second Omaha Location this Summer

One of the first dive bar reviews I ever wrote for the fledgling HitThatDive was about a place tucked away in West Omaha called the Light House Bar & Grill.

Let’s be honest, I had no idea what I actually was doing my first time here, and for the record, I still don’t. So I’m not so sure I captured everything that makes the Light House one of my favorite places to hang out out for cheap drinks and great bar food during my first trip there all those years ago.

All of that for less than $10 on a Monday

Fast forward nearly seven years from my first time in this West Omaha dive bar gem, and I am honored to announce, that the Light House is expanding.

Now, let’s making something clear, they are not closing their current location. Owner (and now good friend) Gueorgui Platchkov…try to say that one three times fast…is bringing his concept of cheap drinks, great food and good times to a new location. Which for the record, will make TWO Light House Bar & Grills in the Omaha-area. 

A wing-lovers dream come true. 

The new location opening this July on 168th Street near Tiburon Golf Course, will continue Gueorgui’s vision of a great dive bar experience for West Omaha dwellers who might not have ever made the trek to his original location on 156th and West Maple.

If you’ve never been to the Light House…here’s a few reasons why it is West Omaha’s premiere dive bar.

  • Happy Hour 4-7 Monday-Friday that can’t be beat anywhere west of 60th Street
  • One of the largest bar menus anywhere in the area.
  • Home of my favorite “non-traditional” wings in Omaha period. (Try the dry rubbed Desert Fire wings trust me).
  • GIANT 34 ounce Happy Hour beers for $4.
  • Amazing bartenders 
  • No frills vibe that is hard to find in the West Omaha area
  • And, of course, it’s the home of the $3 Long Island Ice Tea…all day…every day. 
Good food. Great prices.
Of course there’s a lot more to the bar than that. But in an area of Omaha that is overrun with boring, over-priced sports bars…with over-priced nondescript food…the Light House has always been a dive bar-lovers dream. And what makes it even better, is that it’s in a part of town that would rather charge you through the nose to get the expected prices for food and drinks that a working persons bar should be charging.  
Why do I love the Light House? You get blue-collar prices for everything in an environment where everyone feels welcomed. That my friends is a dive bar!
$4 beer!
HitThatDive’s “AC” and I stopped by the Maple location (now celebrating 10 years in business) just last night at happy hour to see if the Light House is still a dive bar lovers dream.  And the answer was, of course! 
Omaha’s best happy hour. 
Where else can you get an order of wings AND a burger and fries for less than $10? Only one place that I know of…and that’s right here! 

Do yourself a favor and always check the signs on the walls for the day’s specials. Play your cards right, and you’ll be walking out of the Light House not only happy about what you just had, but even more happy about how little it cost to have a great time. 

So congratulation to Gueorgui and his staff for getting ready to bring a second location to the dive bar-starved areas of West Omaha!

Keep reading HitThatDive for updates on when the new place will open. Until then, make it a point to stop by the original location and enjoy the best dive bar experience you can have located this close to an Apple Store anywhere in Nebraska! 

All day. Every day. 

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