Best Patios for Drinking in Omaha — 101.9 The Keg Exclusive
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Best Patios for Drinking in Omaha — 101.9 The Keg Exclusive

When the phone rings and it says “Crash Davis”…that’s a call I always take no matter what what I’m doing. Why? Well, for one Crash is a good friend. And two, it usually means he has a new idea of something fun I can get into.

So, what was this call about? Simple. Coming up with my “Top 10 Patios to Have a Drink on in Omaha” of course.

So, knowing I was going to be on the air with 101.9 The Keg first thing in the morning, I went right to work.  For those HitThatDive purists, these are NOT all dive bars…take a deep breath. It will all be OK.

The majority of them are dives, but I thought for this particular Crash Davis assignment, a more compete list was the better approach. So, after much deliberation, here is the “Scuba Steve” Top 10 Patios to Have a Drink on in Omaha…your list may vary.

The Nest Lounge: What better place to knock back a few drinks and keep an eye on the kids as they’re at the daycare directly next door? Oh yeah, and by the way, it’s one of the best spots in West Omaha to sit outside and enjoy the summer air.

Ask for the Sunny D and vodka

Rose and Crown Pub: Keeping with our places to sit outside and have a drink (or two) while keeping an eye on the kids, the Rose and Crown is directly across the street from the Omaha Children’s Museum and boasts one of the best deck scenes in town. Is it a dive? You bet. Is it made for some patio drinking? You be your life it is!

Avoid the Children’s Museum here

Mr. Toad’s Pub: Smack dab in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market, Toad’s was a stop on last year’s HitThatDive Haunted Hangover Tour. And, from what most will tell you, is the prime spot in the Old Market to suck back a few drinks and just sit and people watch. Is it a dive? You make the call.

Old Market people watching central 

Heron Bay: No doubt this IS a dive, and a bit oddly situated, and basically next to a  Sanford and Son junkyard. However, it has one of the best decks in Eastern Nebraska to sit and have an amazing view of the Platte River. For my money, the closest you can get to drinking at an ocean bar anywhere in Omaha. (Prices are a bit steep, be warned Amigos.) This is always a prime stop for anyone that rides a motorcycle.

River. Beer. Fun.

1912: Have not been to this one in Benson yet, BUT, when a Benson spot comes highly endorsed by MarQ Manner….that’s all I need to know. Many people wrote in and said this is THE spot for an outdoor patio in the Benson area…and it sure looks that way. This is the only place on my list that made it sight unseen. MarQ’s word is gold in my book…give this one a look when you’re in that part of town, and then let me know how it is.

Always trust MarQ Manner

Poop Deck: Is this the most elaborate deck in Omaha? Hell no. But it’s the Poop Deck which means it’s automatically HitThatDive certified, and, it’s the only spot on this list where you can sit outside and watch the sun raise with a drink or two when they open the doors and 6:00am. Early morning bartender Chuck, is one of the best in town! I love the Poop Deck so much that’s me in the picture below after getting there at 8:00 am to hang out with the Bergan Mercy nurses after an overnight shift.

A classic!

Crossbones Bar: The covered back patio at Crossbones is one of the best year-round spots in town. Oh sure, I froze my ass off back there on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s fully covered by a roof, and always has the South Omaha equivalent of the trade winds blowing to keep you cool in the summer regardless of the temperature. Throw in one of Omaha’s best Bloody Marys on a Sunday morning, and this might be the best hangover spot on the list.

Always a good time

Beer City: Hey, weekend warrior golfers, I’ve got a spot for you. Save the fortune that you’re going to pay on greens fees (and golf course beers) and head to the corner of 42nd and L Streets. Grab your drink, head out the back door, and get ready to practice putting on Omaha’s only outdoor putting green attached to a great dive bar. Is it the world’s best patio? Hell no! But you’re at a bar practicing your putting…on a real putting green…where else can you do that? This is Golden Tee for real people!

I putt, you putt…

Salt 88:  Yes, I know, this most definitely is not a dive bar. But who cares? John and his gang have the BEST patio in the Omaha city limits, incredible food, an extensive wine list and PBR Tall Boys! This is the only place in town where both Mrs. HitThatDive and I can go together and both be happy the entire time we’re here. We bring the kids, come here for date nights, hell we just find reasons to come here…as should you too. Don’t let the fancy appearance scare you off…this place is great for anyone no matter what your taste might be.

Have a PBR Tall Boy

The Doghouse Saloon: When Crash asked me to put this list together, the Doghouse in Waterloo, Nebraska was the first place that popped into my mind. Small town honky-tonk bar. An amazing outdoor set up with a stage, plenty tables, TVs and the best part of all…honest-to-goodness truck tailgates that you can sit on and enjoy the day. Want the fun of tailgating, but don’t want to do all the work? The Doghouse is just what you’re looking. When you think of an outdoor bar to hunker down and spend a lazy summer afternoon…this is the spot I head to first. Did I also mention it’s hangout for fans of my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers? Here we go Steelers…here we go!

Yeah baby!

There you have it, that’s my list. What did I miss? Let us know if there’s something you think needs to be added as one of the Omaha area’s best bar patios. Have a complaint about this? Call Crash at 101.9 The Keg…this was his idea! (Just kidding) Now get out there and enjoy your summer!

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