Designer Applications for Spring 2024 Are OPEN! — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

Designer Applications for Spring 2024 Are OPEN! — Omaha Fashion Week

Some Fun Facts About OFW:

Omaha Fashion Week was the first fashion event of it’s kind to make shows completely free to designers. Many regional fashion weeks since then have adopted our model. In larger markets, fashion designers have to pay entry fees and all the production costs of their shows.

In 2008, OFW Founder Nick Hudson turned the traditional fashion show business model on it’s head and underwrote the cost of the production for designers. He funded the show through ticket sales and sponsorship. Up to that point in Omaha, designers were producing their own shows…on tiny budgets and in some very interesting locations…but that’s a topic for another blog post.

By 2016, OFW became the first fashion week in the nation to have it’s own purpose-built venue – the Omaha Design Center. This 32,000 square foot facility is the perfect backdrop to house glamorous shows and a seamless production backstage. It’s a place where talent can network, have fun and bring their very best to the runway.

Because designers are the heart and sole of OFW, we provide maximum creative freedom when it comes to selecting production elements. Music, graphics and lighting are all selected by designers with the guidance of our professional production team. Additionally promotional photos and videos for each designer are paid for by OFW and given to designers so they have more tools to build their brands.

We also are passionate about providing economic opportunities for designers. We have a ticket kickback program that pays out thousands of dollars to designers each season, an in-event lead generation platform AND a direct-to-consumer sales event immediately following shows called Shop the Runway Sunday.

And finally we offer an incredible prize package each season valued at $7,000 in cash and prizes! See the details here.

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