Designer Lineups Announced | Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2024 AUDACIOUS Season — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

Designer Lineups Announced | Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2024 AUDACIOUS Season — Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week is highlighting themes of reckless self-expression during our Spring 2024 AUDACIOUS Season. As we focus on fashion-for-good we honor the audacity it takes to use our voices to create meaningful change in our communities. This season’s designers draw inspiration from nature and unconventional materials while exploring themes of feminism and cultural heritage.

Throughout the week, we will be showcasing 20 Emerging Designers + 14 Featured designers who will present their collections during 3 nights of our Spring 2024: AUDACIOUS Season. We will be welcoming back our beloved high school students from across the state as well as college students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for our annual spring student night. Finally, we will be featuring multiple headlining designers including one of our Golden Shears award winners from the Fall 2023 season.

Their inspirations manifest through streetwear, bridal gowns, eveningwear, avant-garde and even swimwear lines! We’ll see global influence over the collection’s aesthetics from Japan to Ukraine, Kenya to Cuba, Colombia, and India.

Of these, 14 of our designers are high school or college students. We have 13 designers returning to our runways, and 21 designers who are brand new to our show. This group is from all over the US including our local Nebraskans, our neighbors in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, and a few making the trek from California, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Colorado.

This season’s lineup includes 6 individuals who have started their journey with us as apprentices and volunteers for our showcases. We are so proud to present to you their bodies of work, after seeing them grow under our guide for the last few seasons.

We are so inspired by this amazing lineup of Emerging Designers who will be showcasing in the first half of every show! Emerging Designers are either brand new to the OFW runway, student designers, or veteran designers trying out a completely new method of creation. We will close each show with an incredible lineup of inspiring collections by our Featured Designers. This designer track is full of experts at their craft who will showcase high-quality, ready-to-buy looks on the runway.


OFW Spring showcases are scheduled for February 21-24th, 2024, at Omaha Design Center.

Tickets go on sale on November 23rd at

Here is a breakdown of the week’s schedule:

Wednesday, February 21st: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Night

Produced by Omaha Fashion Week in partnership with UNL’s Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design (TMFD), students in the TMFD program will showcase original works on the runway and will compete for scholarships. This is one of the most visually interesting shows of the season!

On this night, we will also be highlighting student collections from Nebraska’s most talented high schools and mentoring programs during MCC Student Night! View collections from some of the most talented young fashion designers in high schools and mentoring programs across Omaha. Students will present from the following programs: 4-H, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart Fashion Program, Omaha South High Magnet School, with additional programs TBD.


Thursday, February 22nd: Designer Showcase

Emerging Designers:

Girl on Mars | Chloie Roupe | Follow on Instagram

Gretter Rodriguez Mejias | Follow on Instagram

House of Chelette | Quinashai Chelette | Follow on Instagram

I’m Hooked on Stuffies | Elizabeth Bond | Follow on Instagram

arnatheCRAZE | ZeNaya Hale | Follow on Instagram

Yet Luxxe | Stephanie McIntoch | Follow on Instagram


Featured Designers:

CASAREZ | Amanda Casarez | Follow on Instagram

ELU by Elon | Elon Kebede | Follow on Instagram

Livi’s Designs | Libia Pollens | Follow on Instagram

Lucid Luxe | Kristen Clark | Follow on Instagram

Studio Rae | Rachel Hughes | Follow on Instagram


Friday, February 23rd: Designer Showcase

Emerging Designers:

AJÉAD | Daeja Anderson | Follow on Instagram

Cardiovascuwhore | Meena Pittman | Follow on Instagram

Cora Varland Design | Cora Varland | Follow on Instagram

Floria | Olivia Fiore | Follow on Instagram

Jam Jar Clothing | Em Wiltfong | Follow on Instagram

Sommer | Le’Mario Sommerville | Follow on Instagram

The Unfinished Archive | Alex Graff | Follow on Instagram


Featured Designers:

Designz by Raga | Gayatri Raghavan | Follow on Instagram

Dominikat | Lee Cunningham | Follow on Instagram

Hawa Couture | Hawa Muya | Follow on Instagram

Regal Status | Princess Elliot Hopkins | Follow on Instagram

Spacecamp Sudios | Rebecca Hollar | Follow on Instagram


Saturday, February 24th: FINALE Designer Showcase

Emerging Designers:

Ana Orescanin | Follow on Instagram

Kaila Loew | Follow on Instagram

K.E.Y. Designs | Kyle Yehle | Follow on Instagram

Mon | Monika Melika | Follow on Instagram

PainVSFear | Astro Boy – Cesar | Follow on Instagram

Style Ari | Arial Cohen | Follow on Instagram

The Kelby Company | Kelby Robinson | Follow on Instagram


Featured Designers:

Nuevintage | Terri Buckner | Follow on Instagram

SKYE|AIRE | Skye Barker Maa | Follow on Instagram

Still A Lady | Yolanda Harris | Follow on Instagram

Tivona Couture | Suzanne Gunn | Follow on Instagram



Mauve Decade | Abby and Ally Hall | Follow on Instagram

Lindley Clothing Co. | Follow on Instagram

Additional headliners, TBA.

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