Hello There…Again
Hit That Dive

Hello There…Again

Well, that was only five-ish months since my last HitThatDive post. It’s not that I got lazy (but I am), I just didn’t seem to have the same internal fire to yammer on as I did at one point.

July 22nd was the six-year “anniversary” of HitThatDive, and reading back through some of the old reviews today…they made me laugh a lot.  Something I need to do more of these days.

Make new friends!

I guess that’s my way of saying that HitThatDive should carry on and remain THE resource for out-of-the-way bars and places with the best wings all around Omaha.

So here’s my thought. I need help with this. Because quite frankly, I miss being able to help…in my own way…promote some of the great locally owned businesses all over the area.

Can you:

  • Write Reviews?
  • Help Design a New Website?
  • Advertise? 
  • Help Design a New Website?
  • Sponsor Events?
  • Help Design a New Website? 
If so…I NEED YOUR HELP to help rethink how HTD looks, sounds and reads. 
Raise tons of money!
This silly old blog has been responsible for raising tens of thousands of dollars for local families in need…and generating new customers to bars that would never have the budget to market why they’re a great place to stop by for a drink or two. 
And most importantly…you’ll meet some of the nicest people you will have have the benefit of calling friends. 
So…if this sounds like something you want to take a crack at….LET ME KNOW. I’m easy to track down at HitThatDive@gmail.com. On Twitter at @HitThatDive1. Or through the HTD Facebook page
Thank you…it’s good to be back! 
“Scuba” Steve
Wear cool shirts! 

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