Dr. Cristian Samper to Speak at the Zoo
Omaha Zoo

Dr. Cristian Samper to Speak at the Zoo

Registration is now open for this year’s third and final conservation-based program in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium’s Nancy Armitage Wildlife Lecture Series. Dr. Cristián Samper, CEO and President of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), will speak on Thursday, December 6 at 6:45 p.m.

Dr. Samper is a scientist and international authority on conservation biology and understanding the Earth’s most precious ecosystems. His career has been dedicated to assessing the consequences of ecosystem change for human well-being and developing global strategy for plant and wildlife conservation. At WCS, Dr. Samper oversees the world’s largest collection of urban parks – including the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo and Prospect Park Zoo – and a global conservation program in nearly 60 nations and in all the world’s oceans. WCS is forging partnerships to address a range of conservation issues, including ending elephant poaching and all illegal wildlife trade.

This is the first year that Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has hosted the Nancy Armitage Wildlife Lecture Series, a series of three lectures created to honor the memory of Nancy Armitage. The free lecture series features various speakers focusing on informative topics facing wildlife today. 

“Throughout her life, Nancy had such a strong passion for wildlife and conservation, as well as a zest for life experiences,” said Dr. Jim Armitage. “When she got really ill, we talked about setting up a memorial lecture series in her name as a way to memorialize those qualities and inspire people of all ages to take action. She believed that we each have the ability to protect our natural resources and wanted this series to help inspire people to do their parts.”

A committee was created to carry out Armitage’s wishes and select speakers who would be engaging for all ages. This year’s Nancy Armitage Wildlife Lecture Series lineup included world-renowned photographer Joel Sartore who spoke in October, the family-friendly Banana Slug String Band who performed in November and Dr. Samper, an international steward of conservation who will speak on Thursday, December 6.

Tickets for each event in the Nancy Armitage Lecture Series are free, but limited. Registration is required. Admission to this event is not available until 6 p.m. Zoo admission is not included. For more information or to register, visit  OmahaZooFoundation.org.

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