Friday VIVERE Showcase — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

Friday VIVERE Showcase — Omaha Fashion Week

VIP Guests were greeted by valet, posed on the Milan Laser Red Carpet, then grabbed a Tito’s Vodka signature cocktail, attendees found their premium seats along the Omaha Fashion Week Runway. Thanks to Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery | Dreams MedSpa, VIP Guests received hors d’oeuvres by Attitude on Food.

Thursday night’s showcase was headlined by the Lauren Bander. Her collection showcased a beautiful take on dark romance featuring deep hues of reds, mixing textures, and feminine silhouettes.

Quanecia Fraser of KETV hosted our show, and brought such vibrant life to the stage. Develop Models were runway ready and the show continued with a collection of streetwear from Xposed inspired by military silhouettes and colors to evoke feelings of nostolgia and chaos. Deconstructed bows by Elsi Marie hit the runway showcasing the balance between sophistication and freedom. Next, MPOWER presented a collection of high fashion sportswear made to empower women. Designs by Rey utilized upcycled materials to personify ephemeral beauty. Closing out the first half of our show, Wearing It, displayed a collection of streetwear through the lens of techonology, nature, and God.

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