Homer’s Record Store- Keeping Vinyl’s Alive and Well in the Metro Area – The Omaha News
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Homer’s Record Store- Keeping Vinyl’s Alive and Well in the Metro Area – The Omaha News

By: Stephanie Veloso, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – According to an article by BusinessWire, the music streaming market is expected to grow to $45.31 billion by 2026, but a local record store is aiming to keep vinyl’s alive and well in the digital era.

Homer’s is just one of the music stores downtown that add to the feel of the Old Market. Since 1971, they’ve provided an authentic music experience for customers.

Because vinyl’s and cd’s are no longer the main music medium, record stores have experienced the toll of the digital world. BusinessWire says technologies like artificial intelligence and Machine learning enhance the music streaming experience by increasing storage and improving search recommendations.

General Manager, Mike Fratt (Left) and Store Manager, Marq Manner (Right), prepare the store for a busy weekend ahead on Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, in Omaha, Neb. (Photo/Stephanie Veloso)

Store Manager, Marq Manner, says they view the digital increase as more of a partnership: “We’re not opposed to streaming, I use streaming, I think streaming helps people find the artist that they like and then they want to own it and physically hold it and support it so yeah. I think streaming and physical retail work hand in hand pretty well together actually”

For the last 51 years, Homer’s has been providing the Omaha community with a plethora of music options. 

General Manager, Mike Fratt, who has been with the business since 1978, says he continues to see a variety of people come through the store: “Whether they’re young people or whether they’re old, whether they’re into cd’s or into vinyl, or into eight tracks or cassettes, or whatever. We carry a wide selection and subsequently have a wide, diverse, population that comes to the store”

Customers shop from the wide variety of vinyl’s available at Homer’s on Friday, Nov. 11, 2022, in Omaha, Neb. (Photo/Stephanie Veloso)

Fratt says he hopes to continue developing Omaha’s personality through the store and he encourages others to take in the authenticity of the Old Market through its music and art.

Homer’s maintains their diverse music stock by buying used vinyl’s and cd’s from customers and collectors. This assures you’ll find new drops every single week to add to your playlist.

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