March Madness: Unleashing Family Fun in Omaha!
Featured Omaha Family Fun Picks of the Week

March Madness: Unleashing Family Fun in Omaha!

Spring is peeking around the corner, and Omaha is rolling out a kaleidoscope of events that promise to sprinkle magic into the brisk March air! Imagine stepping into the shoes of a 1920s detective, crafting with your little ones, or even tapping maple trees for that sweet, sticky sap. From cinematic classics that tug at your heartstrings to free-spirited parades that paint the town green, Omaha in March is a treasure chest of adventures waiting to be unlocked. Whether you’re a history buff, a DIY enthusiast, or someone who loves to bask in the glow of community warmth, you’re in for a delightful treat. Let’s embark on a whimsical journey through Omaha’s most exciting family-friendly escapades, where every turn brings a new story to tell and every event is a memory in the making. Are you ready to dive into the fun? Buckle up, because Omaha is about to show you the time of your life this March!

Mystery at the Mansion: Murder at the Juice Joint

  • When: March 1st, 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Where: Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure, 2611 Arbor Ave, Nebraska City
  • Cost: $30 per person
  • Details: Travel back to the roaring ’20s for a night of mystery and mingling. Don your best flapper or gangster attire and solve the case at the Arbor Lodge Mansion.

Home Depot Kids Kits: Butterfly House

  • When: March 2nd, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
  • Where: Home Depot Stores Nationwide
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: Spark creativity with free Kids Workshops. March features the delightful Butterfly House kit. Perfect for little hands and big imaginations!

Maple Tree Tap

  • When: March 2nd, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
  • Where: Botna Bend Park, Hancock, Iowa
  • Cost: $3 per person (Free for kids under 3)
  • Details: Tap into the sweet tradition of syrup making. From tree to bottle, it’s sticky fun for the entire family.

Forever Young at Film Streams: Babe Pig in the City

  • When: March 2nd & 3rd, 10:00 AM
  • Where: Dundee Theater, Omaha
  • Cost: $5 per person
  • Details: A cinematic treat for all ages. Join Babe in a heartwarming adventure in the big city.

Omaha Comic & Toy Show

  • When: March 2nd & 3rd, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Where: Oak View Mall, Omaha
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: Geek out with fellow fans at a celebration of comics, toys, and pop culture. Don’t miss the cosplay showcase and Super Smash Bros tournament!

Heartland Dance Visits Storytime

  • When & Where: Various dates and library branches throughout Omaha
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: After enjoying the tale of “Giraffes Can’t Dance,” kids will express themselves through dance, embodying the story’s spirit and characters.

St. Patrick’s Parade

  • When: March 9th, 10:00 AM
  • Where: Old Market Historic District, Omaha
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: Embrace the luck of the Irish in Omaha’s St. Patrick’s Parade. A day filled with community spirit, vibrant floats, and marching bands.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

  • When: March 9, 10, 16, & 17th, 10:00 AM
  • Where: Dundee Theater, Omaha
  • Cost: $5 per person
  • Details: Indulge in a classic cinematic confection. A timeless tale that’s sweet for both young and old.

The Great Escape: Wild Robot Edition

  • When: March 9th, 11:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Where: South Omaha Branch, Omaha Public Library
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: Challenge your family to escape the room Wild Robot style! Puzzles, clues, and fun await in this all-ages adventure.

Glowing into Spring

  • When: March 15th, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Where: River’s Edge Park, Council Bluffs, IA
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: A night illuminated by hot air balloons, music, and the glow of community joy. Food trucks, fire pits, and glow sticks add to the magic.

LibraryCon 2024!

  • When: March 23rd, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Where: Papillion Landing, Papillion, NE
  • Cost: FREE
  • Details: A fan convention for the whole family! Cosplay, crafts, food trucks, and local talent celebrate the geek culture in style.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

  • When: March 23, 24, 30 & 31st, 10:00 AM
  • Where: Dundee Theater, Omaha
  • Cost: $5 per person
  • Details: Savor this deliciously animated adventure with the whole family. A story of dreams, inventions, and, well, meatballs!

Challah Tots

  • When: March 28th, 9:30-10:30 AM
  • Where: Omaha, NE (Exact location TBD)
  • Cost: FREE (Registration required)
  • Details: Jewish and Interfaith families unite for a morning of challah making, storytelling, and crafts. A delightful preparation for Shabbat.

March in Omaha is not just a bridge between winter and spring; it’s a vibrant celebration of community, creativity, and shared experiences. From the whimsy of Willy Wonka to the glow of spring balloons, Omaha offers a treasure trove of family fun. So, grab your calendar, and let’s make this March memorable. For more details, ticket information, and a full list of events, visit

Remember, adventure awaits in every corner of Omaha this March. Are you ready to explore?

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