OFW Spring 2024 | BY THE NUMBERS — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

OFW Spring 2024 | BY THE NUMBERS — Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week wrapped the AUDACIOUS season by focusing on fashion-for-good. The Omaha Design Center proudly hosted 34 emerging and featured designers, 4 headliners, 80 looks from high school programs, 92 looks from students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 702 total looks over all 4 nights, and 252 models on the runway this season! Omaha did not disappoint, with 2,700+ attendees showing their support over the four days.

Throughout the week, we showcased 20 Emerging Designers + 14 Featured designers who will present their collections during 3 nights of our Spring 2024: AUDACIOUS Season. We welcomed back our beloved high school students from across the state as well as college students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for our annual spring student night. Finally, we featured four headlining designers including one of our Golden Shears award winners from the Fall 2023 season.

We are so proud to share that we were able to give back $15,200+ to our designers and aid their ability to grow their brands, in hopes of sustaining a viable career in fashion. $6,500 came from our brand new Investor’s Circle program, $7,000+ was awarded to our Golden Shears Winners, and $1,700 was given back to designers from ticket sales proceeds.

Of these, 14 of our designers are high school or college students. We have 13 designers returning to our runways, and 21 designers who are brand new to our show. This group is from all over the US including our local Nebraskans, our neighbors in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, and a few making the trek from California, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Colorado.

This season’s lineup included 6 individuals who have started their journey with us as apprentices and volunteers for our showcases. We are so proud of their growth and the collections they presented this season.

Over the last 6 months, we’ve worked with 81 volunteers to make our events happen, including Model Call, Rack Check, Set Up, Showcases, and Tear Down.

During our showcases, we also hosted 54 Beauty Alliance members and 50 Press members.

It takes a VILLAGE to put on the nation’s fourth-largest fashion week and we truly could not do this without each and every one of YOU!

Thank you to our sponsors and partners: Omaha Event Group, Omaha Design Center, Develop Model Management, Heather and Jameson, Milan Laser, Ref Hair Care, Ignite Beauty Supply, SOHO Hair Academy, Alia Jackson, FotoFunSpot, Omaha Fashion Camp, KETV, Well-Suited @ Lindley Clothing, Metro Magazine, Midlands Business Journal, Oak View Mall, Buckle

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