Omaha Beef Football | 35 in 35 Day 3: Carl Bivens III
Omaha Beef

Omaha Beef Football | 35 in 35 Day 3: Carl Bivens III

35 in 35 Day 3: Carl Bivens III


6’0, 240



Carl Bivens comes to the Beef after playing in all 22 games during his junior and senior seasons at Lindenwood University.  Bivens played linebacker in the outdoor game and will look to find a spot on Marvin Jones defense in 2020. Bivens said that he is looking forward to the opportunity to make the Omaha Beef roster.

“I’ve played football for so long; I don’t even remember what brought me to it in the first place.  My grandfather’s and father played it, so I guess I was always around the game and over time, realized that I’d rather live with it, than without it,” said Bivens.  “I believe that I’m a great teammate and finding a role within the team is something that you figure out while being around your teammates. So, I’m still trying to figure that out. I will say that the way I play, personally is exciting and if possible, I want to make the Omaha Beef defense the most exciting defense to watch in this league.”

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