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Omaha Dream Court – The Omaha News

By: Maret Elgren, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – While the action at Baxter Arena may have come to an end, basketball is always in season in Omaha. 

Omaha Parks and Recreation, in partnership with FiServ, Inc. and Nancy Lieberman Charities unveiled a new outdoor basketball facility, known as a Dream Court, at Florence Community Center two weeks ago. 

“We started a great conversation about having a second Dream Court here in Omaha,” said Omaha Parks and Recreation Director Matt Kalcevich.  “I think it’ll be a fantastic amenity for that neighborhood and the community.”

The high school regulation-size facility joins an existing one that was constructed in 2017 at the South Omaha Boys and Girls Club.  The city’s pair of Dream Courts is part of a larger network of over 100 facilities across the United States.

Omaha’s newest Dream Court facility at Florence Community Center.

“I know these, around the country, have been very well-received,” Kalcevich said, “so there was never any hesitation about how good of a fit this would be or the potential impact this could make for us and our system.”

Former Women’s National Basketball Association Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman started the Dream Court Initiative in 2010.  Since its inception, 27 states have installed at least one Dream Court facility and over 5 million youth have gained a safe place to learn the game.

“Nancy Lieberman Charities and Nancy Lieberman herself lead an incredible initiative in things that really hit at the heart of what we’re trying to provide,” Kalcevich said, “and that’s youth opportunity and development, healthy initiative activities and physical fitness.”

With its second Dream Court installed, Kalcevich said that there is still a desire to take the project even further.

Florence Community Center’s Dream Court joins an existing facility at the South Omaha Boys and Girls Club.

“I’m hoping this paves the way for us to work with more non-profits and more corporations that are looking to make that impact like we are,” Kalcevich said.

For now, Kalcevich hopes that as weather conditions become more favorable, more community members will take advantage of the new facility, as well as specific programs that the Dream Court will host.

“We’ll have very specific programming there, and it could be a destination,” Kalcevich said.  “It’s just a fun, new option for people when they’re looking for something different.”

Whether it’s the need for something different and fun or for structured consistency, Omaha’s Dream Court aims to provide a safe space for anyone and everyone to follow their dreams.

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