Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2024 AUDACIOUS Season — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2024 AUDACIOUS Season — Omaha Fashion Week

Get to know the djs:

Herricane Cole | Follow on Facebook

The only hurricane to ever hit Nebraska, Herricane Cole is sure to get the party going and rockin’ all night! Versed in dance and the variety of music at a young age, Nicole has always been one to know beats and sound, and how the power of music literally moves people. After seeing the need for more DJ talent in Omaha, NE she turned to local DJ Justin Bruins (DJ JAB) to help with mentoring and getting involved in the art and skill of being a successful DJ. After showing her the ropes and self-teaching the rest, DJ Herricane Cole came to be in 2017 and hasn’t stopped since.

DJ Shark Week | Follow on Soundcloud

Sharkweek, a prominent figure in the Midwest EDM scene, has been a dominating force for over a decade. Renowned for her intelligent track selection and intrinsic mixing style, she possesses a unique ability to captivate and command a dance floor in any setting.
Born with an innate talent for reading rooms and understanding the pulse of crowds, Sharkweek has earned her reputation as one of the greatest EDM DJs in the Midwest. Her intuitive sense of the audience’s energy allows her to create an immersive experience, making her performances memorable and highly sought after.

Crabrangucci | Follow on Instagram

One of the most booked DJs in Omaha, and certainly the go-to for events that want a fresh take on music, Chalis Bristol aka DJ Crabrangucci plays everything from indie rock to Top 40 to house music to Korean Pop. The 2022 and 2023 Omaha Entertainment & Arts “Outstanding DJ” award-winner, Chalis currently has residencies in Benson and Blackstone and has played over 250 shows in the last two years – everywhere from the College World Series to Baxter Arena to Steelhouse to the MAHA Music Festival.

Angie Spence | Follow on Instagram

Angie’s lifelong passion for creating the perfect playlist, along with her love for the dance floor, is what led her to become the DJ she is today. Bringing people together with music has always been her goal, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing people lose themselves to the beats she’s playing.  An RN & mom by day, and a DJ by night; Angie has found the perfect balance of fulfilling her dreams. This will be her 6th year djing for OFW, and definitely her favorite time of the year!

Graciela Grace | Follow on Instagram

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