Omaha Unwrapped: Your Go-To Guide for a Festive Family December
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Omaha Unwrapped: Your Go-To Guide for a Festive Family December

Opening Scene: Picture this: Omaha in December, a city transformed into a veritable winter wonderland, streets aglow with festive lights, and the air filled with the promise of holiday magic. This is where family memories are made, and where winter truly comes to life.

1. Illuminations and Twinkles: The Holiday Lights Festival Step into the heart of Omaha’s winter fantasy – an electrifying display that ignites the Old Market, North Omaha, and South Omaha. Lauritzen Gardens elevates this wonder with an indoor poinsettia paradise, a must-see for its botanical beauty and outdoor luminescence.

2. Gliding Joy: Ice Skating in the Metro Embrace the chill and grace the ice at The Capitol District Ice Rink, a bustling center of family fun. For those seeking a more low-key glide, Motto McLean Ice Arena offers the perfect backdrop for family skate sessions, complete with beginner-friendly classes.

3. A Cultural Tapestry: From Ballet to Art The Nutcracker at Orpheum Theater isn’t just a ballet; it’s a time-honored tradition, bringing Tchaikovsky’s score to life. Then, shift gears to the Joslyn Art Museum where art aficionados, young and old, can immerse themselves in masterpieces and engaging family programs.

4. Markets and Merrymaking: A Shopper’s Paradise The Old Market Holiday Market isn’t just shopping; it’s an experience. Think local craftsmanship, unique finds, and the spirit of giving. At Village Pointe Shopping Center, the holiday shopping is peppered with Santa encounters and eye-catching festive displays.

5. Parades and Festivities: Where Joy Parades the Streets The Downtown Omaha Holiday Lights Parade is an extravaganza of floats and festivities. Don’t miss the magic at Omaha Children’s Museum, a place where Santa’s wonderment meets interactive fun.

6. Winter’s Whisper: Nature’s Own Canvas Venture into Fontenelle Forest for a serene nature walk amidst the quiet beauty of winter. Elmwood Park offers a different kind of tranquility, perfect for a family picnic surrounded by the gentle embrace of nature.

7. Creative Sparks: Workshops and Learning At Do Space Community Technology Library, tech meets holiday creativity, offering workshops where young minds can thrive. The Omaha Public Library becomes a hub of storytelling and crafts, fostering a love for learning and the holiday spirit.

8. Culinary Delights: A Gastronomic Adventure Embark on a journey of the senses with Chocolate and Pastry Tours, a delightful exploration of Omaha’s sweetest spots. For families who love to cook, holiday-themed cooking classes offer a chance to bond over delicious holiday recipes.

Curtain Call: As December unfolds in Omaha, each day brings a new chance to explore, discover, and indulge in the festive cheer. From dazzling lights to cultural escapades, and from outdoor adventures to culinary journeys, Omaha is a city that celebrates winter like no other.

Encore: For the most current event details, savvy families are encouraged to check online listings – the key to unlocking Omaha’s December secrets.

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