Register to be HitThatDive’s Best Bar or Best Wings of 2015
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Register to be HitThatDive’s Best Bar or Best Wings of 2015

In years past, I’ve tried any number of ways to pick the HitThatDive “Bar of the Year”.  A few years ago, Jerry’s Bar won by virtue of an online vote (back when Facebook allowed that function for fan pages).

The last two years I just decided to pick a bar I think is most deserving, based on a lot of factors, but mostly…does the bar try and make their surrounding community a better place? So, as many of you know (and have occasionally complained about) that honor has gone to The Village Bar…twice.

You’ll get one of these

So, this year, I’m doing things a bit differently. ANY bar in the greater Omaha-Council Bluffs region is eligible to win….except The Village Bar…we will never have a back-to-back winner again.

In 2015, the Bar of the Year…and also Omaha’s Best Wings…will be determined by a select committee of volunteers that will take an “oath” to find the best of the best when it comes to local bars…and the wings that they serve.

Of note, your bar doesn’t need to serve food for bar of the year consideration, but it would be extremely helpful if your place served wings for the best wings category…

And…the bar of the year generally makes for a great local news story…like this! HitThatDive Bar of the Year.

The winner keeps this for a year

How It Works

For the second year in a row, I’m a proud member of Mustaches for Kids — Omaha. Last year, a dedicated group of “growers” (yep , that’s what they call us) raised more than $250,000 for HETRA by doing nothing more than growing mustaches and asking for donations.  Simple, no?
In fact, in the six years Mustaches for Kids Omaha has been raising money, the fellas have collected donations of nearly $775,000…making it the largest operation of its kind anywhere in the country. 
This year, we’re raising money for Ted E. Bear Hollow. If you don’t know about Ted E. Bear Hollow they provide free grief support for kids, teens, adults and families…follow the link to read about all the amazing things they do all over Nebraska and Iowa…I’ll wait. 
Hey, you’re back! Awesome…so where do YOU or YOUR bar come factor in to all of this? Well, I need donations. And…well…you want the accolades, positive news stories, and kick ass trophies that come with winning this year’s award!   So what do you say we come up with a deal? 
  1. To be considered for 2015 Dive of the Year, or Omaha’s Best Wings 2015…it’s going to cost you to enter….sort of.  For the mere price of a $100 donation (which goes directly to Ted E Bear Hollow and is 100% tax deductible) your bar (or wings) will now be on the HitThatDive review committee list. 
  2. Committee reviews will begin by June 10th, and will conclude no later than the final week of September 2015 (depending on how many bars participate.)
  3. Bars will be split into several categories so there’s a chance to recognize several types of local dives…but there will only be one overall winner. 
  4. Wings will be judged in three categories and there will be three overall winners. Categories include “Best Traditional Buffalo Wings”, “Best Omaha Wings”…aka char buffed and “Best traditional Wings” aka…teriyaki, garlic parmesan…you get the picture.    
  5. Every bar and wing joint that registers will receive a HitThatDive “Dive Bar Certified” or HitThatDive “Wing Certified” decal to proudly display on your front door.
What our committees look like
How To Register

As simple as a few clicks of your computer, smart phone or tablet. 
  1. Go to and click on the “Donate Now” button which takes you directly to the Ted E. Bear Hollow donation page. 
  2. Enter your amount and click the “Check Out” button. 
  3. Fill out your contact and credit/debit card information. 
  4. In the comments section please name your bar or restaurant and if you are entering in the “Dive of the Year category or the “Omaha’s Best Wings category. 
  5. Lastly and most important. Where is says “Grower Name” just below the comments section enter the name “SCUBA STEVE”. 
  6. Click the “Proceed” button and you are almost done!
  7. Expect two emails. One from Ted E. Bear Hollow acknowledging your donation. And one the following day from HitThatDive telling you how awesome you are…and with further information about what’s going to happen from here. 
So, break those piggy banks, pass the hat, have a raffle…or just take $100 out of the drawer and get ready to be called Omaha’s best dive bar/wings by people that actually know what the hell we’re talking about!
Want to be a “committee member”? Look for how to sign up to be a member of one of HitThatDive’s expert committees tomorrow! 
Questions…just send them to 

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