The Bar is OPEN — Thanksgiving 2015 Edition
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The Bar is OPEN — Thanksgiving 2015 Edition

There’s nothing like spending the day with family from near and far watching football and stuffing your face with home-cooked food. But let’s face it, by about 5ish (or so) all that togetherness can get a little…well…let’s just say you’re ready for a break from your grumpy old uncle.

And this year, we have TWO bars on our list that get the fun started right at 6:00am!

So, with that in mind, we have yet again compiled a list of HitThatDive “Certified” bars that will be more than happy to sling some drinks on Thanksgiving…after everyone’s food coma wears off, of course.

Go home grandma…you’re hammered. 

Blind Dave’sBar: 11:00 a.m. til 2:00 a.m.

Elbow Room: Ready to roll at 6 p.m. $2.50 domestic bottles/tap, $3.50 premium/import bottles/tap $3.50 shots/bombs.
The VillageBar:  HitThatDive’s “Bar of the Year” is open from 7:00-2:00. $3 “You Call It” shots.

Sneaky Pete’s Saloon: 6am -2am ALL DAMN DAY!! 38th L street

Addy’s Sports Bar and Grill: open 6 pm to 2 am with full kitchen.

Hit That Dive!

Leavenworth Bar: Say hey to Kirk and the gang anytime after 8 p.m.

Maloney’s Pub:  Opens at 7 and will have $3 Fireball shots all night. 
Buck’s Bar and Grill:  6pm no kitchen. “If you need food that day, you’re doing it wrong. No kitchen on Thanksgiving. Nikki, however, will be offering free family counseling at the bar.

Observatory Lounge : Opens at 7pm.

Lookout Lounge: will be open 7pm-2am with FREE COMEDY
Lighthouse Bar & Grill:  Thursday – 3PM to 2AM; Happy Hour 4PM to 7PM – $4 35oz domestic draws, $2 domestic bottles & pints, $2 wells. No Kitchen.
  • Friday – opening at Noon for the game – Happy Hour 4PM to 7PM – $4 35oz domestic draws, $2 domestic bottles & pints, $2 wells, 10 Jumbo wings for $6, one topping personal pizzas for $5.$3 Long Islands, Margaritas & Hurricanes – All Day, Every Day!

The White House Bar: Will be open at 5pm
Crossbones Bar: Will be open at 7pm with the lovely Cherie!
Happy Thanksgiving Uncle Larry…I’ll be right back after 10 beers at the bar. 
Dundee Dell: Will be open at 5 pm.
The 108: Opens at 6am
Pheasant Bar and Grill: Open at 6 pm and the kitchen will be open too
Underwood Bar: Opens at 5 pm
The Sydney: Opens at 7pm.
Don’t forget to read HitThatDive tomorrow as we name the location for our 25th annual BlackOUT Friday! A tradition so great, it’s celebrated the same way in several US time zones.  

Nap time.

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