The Most Powerful Diablo 4 Heart In Season 1 Is Easy To Farm

The Most Powerful Diablo 4 Heart In Season 1 Is Easy To Farm

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Diablo IV released its first-ever season on July 20, and with it came a definite way to farm Wrathful Malignant Hearts, one of the most powerful items to boost and customize your build. Rare, ultra-powerful Wrathful Hearts typically only drop from Wrathful Malignant Monsters or are crafted at Cormond’s Wagon, but the Diablo community recently discovered easy strategies for farming.

YouTuber Rob2628 posted one of these strategies on July 25, and he says it guarantees one Wrathful Heart per one-minute run.

How to farm Wrathful Malignant Hearts in Diablo IV Season 1

Players who have already completed The Cold Hard Truth quest line will not be able to attempt this method—the snowy dungeon is integral for Heart farming.

But if you’ve reached the quest and haven’t yet touched it, just head straight through the Caves of Velkhova dungeon toward the Varshan the Consumed boss. Take care to kill the Wrathful Arctic Bear, which has a chance of dropping an additional Wrathful Heart, located in front of the boss door.

Then, after speaking to Cormond, summon and destroy Varshan. The boss will drop Varshan’s Heart, a guaranteed Wrathful item. Once it does, avoid talking to Cormond again, since this will officially end the quest, Rob2628 says. Instead, leave the dungeon, reset it (or if that’s not an option from your main menu, leave the game entirely), and log in with your Season 1 character.

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Then, repeat the earlier steps—go into the dungeon, defeat the boss, grab its heart, and leave. You and up to three other party members will be rewarded with a Wrathful Heart every time, at least until developer Blizzard patches it.


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