Thirteen Designers Receive Grants from the OFW Investor’s Circle! — Omaha Fashion Week
Omaha Fashion Week

Thirteen Designers Receive Grants from the OFW Investor’s Circle! — Omaha Fashion Week

OFW is thrilled to announce that 13 of our designers for the Spring ‘24 Season will receive grants from the OFW Investor’s Circle. The Investor’s Circle was started in December by former OFW Producer Brook Hudson and OFW Casting Director Alyssa Dilts. They had a goal of raising $5,000 for the fund…and blew past it by raising nearly $7,000! That is enough to give 13 designers each a $500 grant.

Grant recipients were selected based on a five-minute pitch that was given on Zoom to an audience of generous Investor’s Circle donors. Each donor gave a yes or no vote to each designer. The 13 designers with the highest number of “yes” votes received a grant. Donors were told to imagine themselves holding a $500 check. Would they give that check to the designer after hearing their pitch?

“What made listening to these pitches special, was hearing the amazing personal stories of our designers,” said Brook Hudson. “I was so inspired! I can’t wait to see how these funds will help each designer achieve their vision,” said Alyssa Dilts.

Donors to the Investor’s Circle will have another opportunity to get to know the grant recipients at a Preview Event scheduled for Feb. 15. All grant recipients will be there with completed collections, and donors will be the first to see the fruit of their investment before it hits the runway.

Here is the list of $500 grant recipients for the February 2024 Season:

The next round of funding for the Investor’s Circle is scheduled for April 1-30, 2024, and will support designers selected for the August 2024 season. Congrats to all of our grant recipients!

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