What is the motivation to spend money and time on dating apps? – The Omaha News
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What is the motivation to spend money and time on dating apps? – The Omaha News

By: Zachary Hill, Reporter

OMAHA, Neb. – According to Data.ai, in 2021, consumers around the globe spent $4.2 billion on dating applications.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the dating app with 75 million monthly users, Tinder, is testing a $500 a month subscription.

The app currently offers three levels of service ranging from eight, to 30 dollars a month, offering advantages from “super likes” to profile boosts. While none of these factors can even guarantee more connections, former Tinder user Sapphire Bennett said there is pressure to invest.

“You get really discouraged when you keep having bad luck, and you’re like ‘well, maybe if I had these extra features on this dating app I’d have more luck’” Bennett said.

Tinder’s current highest level of subscription “Tinder Platinum” starting at $29.99 a month. March 4, 2023.

Mental Health Therapist Amanda Murtaugh said swiping could create a sense of urgency and spending is one reaction a dejected user may have. She said there can also be a correlation between swiping and depressive symptoms.

“If you’re seeing other people in rapid fire, multiple profiles all at once, there can be a level of comparison that goes on in your own mind” Murtaugh said.

While coughing up $500 a month or checking every spare second may seem obsessive, there are ways to healthily balance time and money spent between your in person and online relationships. Murtaugh said it all starts with being mindful of your habits, and if you notice frustration or resentfulness, take a step back.

Tinder’s “Edit Info” screen, where users can add pictures, a bio, interests and more. March 4, 2023.

“Why am I swiping? What are my values? What am I trying to gain from this and is that actually working out for me or do I need to kind of redirect or try investing in a different way?” Murtaugh said.

Whether you’re looking for the one, or just a little fun, Murtaugh also said with so many things being online nowadays there’s no shame in trying the same for your dating life, as long as you’re keeping the balance that’s right for you.

While nothing is confirmed, its rumored splashing $500 a month could get you a dating coach, increased exposure, and the chance to be shown to users for a second time.

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