What To Do in Omaha Tonight
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What To Do in Omaha Tonight






You’re back in town, and you need to get out of the house! What are some events for you and your friends to do while avoiding the parents?

  1. Thanksgiving Comedy Potluck- Vega, Lincoln 7 PM
  2. Anchondo w/ We Be Lions, Hector Anchondo Band, Coyote Bill & Amanda Fish, Jocelyn- Slowdown, Omaha 8 PM
  3. Song Remains The Same w/ Bennie & the Gents- The Waiting Room, Omaha 9 PM
  4. Friends-Giving + Ivan Alferez BDay Celebration- Rehab Lounge, Omaha 9 PM
  5. Pre-Thanksgiving Party- Redneck’s, Omaha 8 PM
  6. Screaming for Silence- Lookout Lounge, Omaha 7 PM
  7. Pharrell vs. Timberlake- House of Loom, Omaha 8 PM
  8. Thanksgiving Eve- Brickhouse, Omaha 9 PM
  9. Annual Jams before Yams- Bar 415, Omaha 9 PM
  10. See through dresses with La Guerre- Reverb Lounge, Omaha 9 PM

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