50 Shades of Grey — Hit That Movie!
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50 Shades of Grey — Hit That Movie!

I know, this is a little off topic for HTD…but ever wondered what would happen when you take a few dive bar regulars out of their element and attempt to sprinkle a little culture into their normal routines?   Me either.

BUT…that didn’t stop me from rounding up a few HitThatDivers for a first-ever live movie review and of course I picked 50 Shades of Grey as the first (and potentially) last movie we ever attempt to “review”.

Join us tonight!

First let me introduce you to our cast of characters for tonight’s cinematic viewing extravaganza. This was going to be an “all dude” event, but we had one brave woman volunteer for this hazardous duty too. And, quite frankly, we’ll look far less creepy with with “Whiskey Holly” as part of our regular group of knuckleheads.


Listen to the Pat and JT Morning Show tomorrow (February 13th) at 9:30…they can be heard on Omaha’s Q98.5. Be listening tomorrow for the name of the first person that giggles out loud at tonight’s movie viewing. If you’re the first person to correctly name the guilty party and… post it on the HitThatDive Facebook page…you win a $25 gift card to The Good Life Sports Bar and Grill.

Our “Reviewers”:

Dan The Man


Kickin’  Kevin

Whiskey Holly

Scuba Steve

So here’s how it’s going to work. We’re meeting up tonight at The Good Life in West Omaha…feel free to join in…the more the merrier.  After a few 32 ounce $5 beers…we’re off to Village Pointe for the 9:00 p.m. showing of 50 Shades of Grey. (Tickets Still Available by clicking here).

Each reviewer goes into the movie with 100 HitThatDive Points. From there, you can only lose points for things like giggling (minus 2 points), both hands not visible at the same time (minus 5 points), excessive squirming in your chair (minus 10 points), lose a point per second for every second of a bathroom break that lasts more than two minutes.  Don’t take a bathroom break? 15 bonus points!

We’ll finalize all the ways to lose and earn bonus points tonight before the movie, and everyone’s final score will be posted along with our review, pictures and video tomorrow right here on HitThatDive.com.

Of note…If a person hits zero points, or pulls a Pee Wee Herman, they’re immediately disqualified and will be made to feel shame.

Join us tonight or wait until tomorrow and read about what happens when HitThatDive invades West Omaha surrounded by a bunch of sexed-up suburban Moms as we review a mainstream bondage movie!

On Twitter? Get the play-by-play action of everything that transpires tonight by following me at @HitThatDive1.

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