HitThatDive’s 3rd Annual Office Christmas Party
Hit That Dive

HitThatDive’s 3rd Annual Office Christmas Party

For the third year in a row on December 6th at 1:00 PM, and then again at 5:00 PM, we are throwing a good old fashioned, KICK ASS, Office Christmas party, like you were always thought you would be part of as an adult at The Village Bar in Ralston.

Last year the money we raised helped families all over the city…and even generated some unintentional, but great, news coverage.

Get your tickets by clicking right HERE!

Bad Santa and his elves
From KETV:
“A citywide Christmas spirit may have started with a man’s bar and a man’s blog.”We thought it was a good idea,” Steve Gates, who runs the Hit That Dive blog, said. “Did we think it was an idea a few weeks later we’d still be talking about? No.”

KETV met Gates and Brock Hatterman, owner of Ralston’s Village Bar, when someone was being generous at local grocery stores.

Even the WWE was there last year


“There was no rhyme or reason to it,” Hatterman said. “We just randomly picked out people and went for it, and it was the best feeling in the world to do people.”


Raising $3,000 with a Christmas party using all of it to do good, but they said what’s been truly incredible are the effects of that party.
It’s ALWAYS a party
“It’s amazing what $20, $25 per person does,” Gates said. “We were able to touch people’s lives around Omaha. I was getting calls from all over the country: people I knew, people I didn’t know.”
And a great way to help our community!

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