It’s Groundhog Day! Are The Bars Open?
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It’s Groundhog Day! Are The Bars Open?

Remember when you were a kid, you would sit by the radio on a snowy day praying that school was cancelled? Now that you’re an adult, you do just the opposite and pray that the BAR is OPEN!

So with that in mind, I was able to compile a quick list of bars that will be open all day today…snow or no snow….

Jake’s Cigars

The Village Bar at 3:00

The Lighthouse at 3:00

Addy’s Sports Bar and Grill

Sneaky Pete’s Saloon

The Elbow Room at 3:00

Aussies Pub at 2:00

Jerry’s Bar

The Rogue Bar with Voodoo Taco

Crossbones at 3:00

Caddy Shack and Caddy Shack West

The Library Pub

Big Red Sports Bar

The Good Life Sports Bar and Grill

The Twisted Post

The Hideout Lounge

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