Make Official HitThatDive “Omaha” Wings at Home — RECIPE
Hit That Dive

Make Official HitThatDive “Omaha” Wings at Home — RECIPE

If you’ve ever read a HitThatDive wing review before, you know that it can get downright brutal when it comes to bashing awful wings served in some restaurants these days.  But why so brutal? That’s simple…this is an issue of simply cooking chicken…not quantum physics! And yet, people seem to screw it up every day. 
Keep in mind that I’ve been trying to perfect wings at home for more than a quarter of a century…yikes…is that accurate? In any case, I figure that if I’m going to be critical of others, it might be wise for me to demonstrate that I do actually know what I’m talking about.
So keep reading and get ready to make wings just like the ones in the picture below…even if you don’t really know how to cook all that well.  And remember, the HitThatDive mantra when it comes to making chicken the right way…the number one ingredient that you need to cook them the right way is TIME. Don’t ever rush things. 
The good part of this recipe is that you wind up with the now Omaha-famous “Char Buff” wing with all the benefits of a more traditional Buffalo wing. 
You. Yes you can make these at home too.

What You Will Need

This is all you need!
  • 3-4 pounds of fresh chicken wings. NOT FROZEN!
  • 12 ounce bottle of Frank’s Red Hot — Original. No exceptions
  • 1 stick of unsalted butter
  • Soy Sauce (for marinade)
  • Trappey’s Red Devil Sauce (for marinade) 
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Celery
  • Blue Cheese (Ken’s or Marie’s are best)
  • Cheap aluminum baking pan
  • Beer
  • Music
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Grill

Step One: Marinade

Simple, right?

Take your 3-4 pounds of wings and find a dish big enough to hold them all…told you this wasn’t rocket science. First sprinkle the chicken with both the garlic and the onion powder. How much? That’s really up to you.

Dump enough of the Trappey’s sauce in the dish to cover as much of the wings as possible, again, this isn’t an exact science. Take your soy sauce and shake in roughly 4-5 tablespoons over the wings and mix as best as possible with a large fork…or spoon…or whatever. Just not your hands if possible…this is raw chicken!
This only needs 30-60 minutes to marinade…you’ll see why later on. 
Should look like this. Simple enough. 
This is after all, raw poultry, so a quick hit of hand sanitizer (at least for a germ freak like me) after each step is highly encouraged. 
Well worth $2

Step Two: The Sauce

Time to make some sauce

This one is as easy as it gets. Dump the whole bottle of Frank’s in a sauce pan. Plop a little more than two thirds of the stick of butter in the hot sauce. Give each of the garlic and onion powder a good sprinkle overtop of everything. Put on the lowest heat setting possible and let simmer until the butter is completely melted. Stir occasionally.

That’s how is looks when you start.

Step Three: Let’s Get Ready to Cook

Now, as you can see, my original wing recipe was based from going to tailgate parties in Pittsburgh. So, we quickly had to figure out how to forego using a deep fryer, yet still getting them as crispy, if not more so, that you can from deep frying. 
If you don’t have a charcoal grill, a gas grill will have to do. No matter the type of grill you’re gong to use, these need to be cooked (mostly) with indirect heat. So, if you’re using charcoal, dump it only in one side of the grill. If you’re using gas (ugh) only turn on one side of the grill. 


Indirect heat

As you let the grill heat up, now would be a good time to run back to the kitchen to check the sauce and stir it up a bit. At no point should it come to a boil, but make sure that butter is thoroughly melted and that the sauce is a hot, but not boiling, temperature.

When the butter is completely melted, remove from heat. 

Step Four: Time to Cook

The only additional thing that you’ll need is a cheap aluminum baking pan. What you’re going to to is transfer half of the wings directly to the grill in a spot as far away from the heat as possible. 
The rest of the wings, along with all of the marinade will go directly into the cheap aluminum pan a little bit closer to the heat. Cover…and go crack a beer. Check back in about 10 minutes. 

Start like this…

Half in…half on the grill

After 10 minutes, or so, take all of the wings out of the pan of the marinade and put them on the grill. Now, take all the wings that were on the grill and place them in the marinade. Once that’s done, which kind of sucks to do, cover and walk away for another 10 minutes or so.

Now…everybody switch places…

Be patient.

Step Five: Get That Dog Out of Here!


Step Six: Time to Get Crispy

This is really the only potentially tricky part. The key is to get the crispy, without charring them too much. Success rate here can vary wildly depending on how many beers it took you to get to this point. But, this is the critical stage, so try to keep your wits about you. 
No need for the lid, or the aluminum pan at this point. So use your tongs to carefully remove the pan from the grill and spread the wings out away for the heat evenly. 

Use your tongs to flip the wings over every few minutes to ensure they’re all getting the same amount of crispy going on.

Every minute or so…

You’re better of having the larger pieces closer to the heat. Make sure to keep an eye on any that might be getting too crispy and move them to the back of the line.

Move them closer to the heat…

Little, by little, every minute or two…move the wings progressively closer to your heat source. As you make your march toward the final crispy product, make sure to keep moving the smaller ones toward the back…trust me or I would not have said that twice now.

Smaller ones to the back…

When they start to look like this…it’s time to get ready to transfer all the wings to a CLEAN dish to move them back to the kitchen. Or wherever it is you plan to add the final touches. Make sure to use a different dish…no cross contamination…please!

Until they look like this!

Step Seven: Time to Add Sauce

What I like to do is take the wings 6-8 at at time and move them to a bowl using a slotted spoon. Pour in just enough sauce to cover the wings, but not so much that is looks they’re going to drown. 
“Char Buffed”

Now, just keep flipping the wings around in your somewhat homemade sauce until they are all evenly coated. Using your slotted spoon, take the wings out of the and them on a plate. Done! Well, pretty much done. Repeat the technique for adding sauce for as many people that are eating. DUH!

Don’t like sauce, and just prefer an Omaha wing, don’t add sauce…they’re good to go that way as is. But use the sauce. Trust me again!

“Double Dipped” 

Step Eight: Let’s Eat!

What you’ll notice, well if you do it right, is that you will make wings that are crispy on the outside. Not over cooked and chewy on the inside.  And pull so easily from the bone…that you’ll be able to devour about 15 of them after all of your hard work!
Looking good

Just add beer

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

Scuba Steve

Never enough wings!

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